「BARODON-FX」is the world's only newly invented alkali solution that is used as a non-specific immuno-stimulator. BARODON, patented by the inventor Ph.D. Soo-Il Choi, is a nontoxic, multi-purpose, nagative ion alkali solution that comes from a compound mineral.

Non-specific immuno-stimulator
Antiviral substance
Fighting against tumors
Facilitating cell fertilization
The manufacturing methods uses of BARODON have been completely
patented in various countries such as S.Korea, USA, China, Japan, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Russia, GE 8 countries, and other countries in the world.

BARODON, registered with The Seoul Univ. scientific journals [23(2):37-46, 1998], has been proven through experiments conducted by Prof. YH Park, PH.D., to be a predominant nonspecific immno-stomulator that stimulates antibodies and immunity functions.

In August 2000, Mr. B.W.Yoo got a Ph.D. degree in veterinary science at the Seoul Univ. Graduate School after completing a thesis on the immunity promoting efficacy of the ion found in BARODON. Consequently, as he presented BARODON in the Journal of Swine Health and Production (USA), BARODON was officially and internationally for uses as NIS(Nonspecific Immuno-stimulator)

Stability of BARODON was verified through a medical safety test, based on the security standards for medicine (lot # 9901090-10) in USA. BARODON's safety was also successfully proven at the public health care of Seoul Univ. through experiment based on medical poison test standards of KFDA (korea Food & Drug Administration lot# 99-61) in Korea.
Cancer fighting
Developing of new bio-medicine
Expansion of public health
Increasing exports
BARODON-FX, matter for raw substance by using high-concentration solution, use supporter of NIS and anticancer
Dilute 50~200 times of BARODON (5~20ml) into barley, green tea, and mineral water. Drink one liter a day.
Add 2~5% of BARODON in Nourishments (Na, K, C.H.O.), immunity, anti-oxidation, diabetes and factor of reducing of cancer danger rate.
Add 0.7~1.0% for maintaining and fermentation such as food or any drinking juice, milk, wine, soy sauce, bread, chinese drugs etc..
1. Keep in dark and cool storage
2. Do not freeze, as freezing may reduce BARODON's efficacy
3. Do not drink high-concentrated solution, as it may harm you
4. Keep away from children

Product Name: BARODON-FX

Ingredients: C(TOC) 23.8%, K 8110ppm, Na 6400ppm, Si 3590ppm, B 350ppm, Ag 0.1ppm

Loss of Drying: 91.8%

Industrial Classification: LOT #24299

Expiration Date: Until 3 years after manufacturing

Quantity: 500Б, 10Г

Registration No. for the plant: Ansung #3-99-2

Toxicity Tests of BARODON: Sep. 30, 2002 (Standard for Medicine of KFDA #'99-61)

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