BARODON-CHOIS is the world's only newly invented alkali solution that is used as a non-specific immunostimulator. BARODON, patented by the inventor Soo-Il Choi Ph.D., is a nontoxic, multi-purpose, negative ion alkali solution that comes from a compound mineral of 13.43 gravity and 1.45 high-concentration and density. It is an excellent substance that increases the number of antibodies, works against oxidation, facilitates fermentation, and breaks down toxins.

Non-specific immunostimulator
Fighting against tumors
Antiviral substance
Facilitating cell fertilization
Manufacturing methods and uses of BARODON have been completely patented by various countries such as S. Korea, U.S.A., China, Japan, Canada, U.K, Germany, France, Italia, Sweden, Russia, GE 8 Countries, and other 20 countries in the world.

BARODON, registered with The Seoul University scientific journals [23(2): 37-46, 1998], has been proven through experiments conducted by Prof. YH Park, Ph,D, to be a predominant nonspecific immunostimulator that stimulates antibodies and immunity functions.

In August 2000, Mr. B.W. Yoo got a Ph.D. degree in Veterinary science at the Seoul University Graduate School by completing a thesis on the immunity promoting efficacy of the ion found in BARODON. Consequently, as he presented BARODON in the Journal of Swine Health and Production (U.S.A.), BARODON was officially and internationally approved for use as NIS (Nonspecific immunostimulator).

The perfection of BARODON's safety was verified through medical safety tests (Lot # 9901090-10), based on the security standards for medicine of USP in U.S.A.
The evaluation of BARODON's safety was also successfully proven at the public health office of Seoul University through experiments based on medical poison testing standards for medicine of KFDA(Korea Food and Drug Administration) #99-61 in Korea.

Some of the effects of BARODON use for life sciences and economy. Thanks to BARODON, there might be improvement in:
Anti-oxidation, Cancer fighting, Antibiotic, Developing of new biomedicine,
Expansion of public health, Reducing of medical expenses, Increasing of export

BARODON-CHOI·S, use directions and efficacy

 Take BARODON-CHOI·S, undiluted solution, two to five times a day, each time 30~50cc, according to
weight and uses (60Б~250Б a day.) It’s more effective to use BARODON-CHOI·S once before breakfast
and bedtime and use once before and after breakfast, lunch and dinner.
 Put the BARODON-CHOI·S, 30~50cc, each time into some juice or milk. BARODON-CHOI·S will make
your stomach and your intestines stronger because it accelerate metabolism.
 Supplements regular nourishment(Na, K, C.H.O), Increases immunity, Anti-oxidizes, Decreases the rate of
occurrence of diabetes and cancer
 BARODON-CHOI·S is use may be adjusted to individual use according to taste, character and purpose.

 Keep in dark and cool storage, Do not freeze, as freezing may reduce its efficacy
 Once you open BARODON-CHOI·S container, put the cover back tightly
 After a longer use, a white sediment may appear on the bottom of the bottle ;
this should not concern you, as the sediment is the negative ion matter.
Before each use of BARODON-CHOI·S, shake the bottle.
Name of product: BARODON-CHOIS

Ingredients: C(TOC) 33.10%, K 863ppm, Na 691ppm, Si 460ppm, B 17ppm

Loss of Drying: 97.3%

Industrial Classification: LOT# 24299

Expiration Date: Until 3 years after manufacturing

Quantity: 500Б 1,000Б

Registration No. for the plant: Ansung #3-99-2

Toxicity Tests of BARODON: Sep. 30, 2002 (Standard for Medicine of KFDA #'99-61)

Manufacturer: BARODON-S.F.CORP.(KOREA)

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